Powerhouse compressors up to 23.3 m³ / min

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Future-ready powerhouse compressors designed to work in extreme conditions

Portable construction compressors in the 10-20 cubic meter class can easily handle ambient temperatures of up to +50 ° C and can also be equipped for conditions below -10 ° C.

Equipped with advanced engine control systems and installations, they are extremely efficient and provide energy savings which benefits the environment.

  • Maximum pressures up to 14 bar;
  • Optional compressed air treatment;
  • Optional GPS fleet management.

Our approach guarantees high long-term yields: durable components, easy operation, efficiency and performance: all these characterize with great fidelity the machines delivered by Kaeser.

kaeser Compressors

Maximum availability and efficiency

The SIGMA CONTROL MOBIL or SIGMA CONTROL SMART controller ensures the availability of compressed air and fuel efficiency using state-of-the-art electronic engine management.

kaeser Compressors

A safe solution for the future because it does not pollute the environment

"Low Emission Zone MOBILAIR": means minimum emissions of pollutants in accordance with the strict European standard on level IV emissions (models M125 and M171).
kaeser Compressors

Three-button intuitive operation

Kaeser places a strong emphasis on providing easy-to-use control systems. With this, our customers can avoid long periods of adaptation and learning of new systems.


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