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Unique worldwide – high quality compressed air for an ocupied area of just 2.35 m²

This is a complete system, offering a new design and occupying a space of about half the size of previous models, DN C looks good both inside and on the oututside. The new structure of the components not only ensures an optimized flow of cooling air, but also provides easy access for maintenance..

The upgraded SIGMA CONTROL 2 control unit offers many new monitoring and control options with various interfaces, including for connection to a main control system - with dynamic regulation.

Performance parameters:

  • 22 – 45 kW;
  • Initial pressure up to 13 bar - final pressure up to 45 bar;
  • Air flow: 2.9 - 19.60 m³ / min.

Optional features:

The system is available in air or water cooled versions. Nitrogen recovery versions or a closed version without external air (version N2), are also available.


Production of PET bottles, nitrogen production, high pressure for test stations (eg brakes, coolers, etc.), test stations for pressure checks, burst pressure tests and pulse tests. High-quality premium-efficiency motors offer an exceptionaly high performance with low power consumption. Their low operating temperature is definitely an important advantage.

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This unique and compact machine is designed to provide maximum power while occupying a relatively small space. Even so, there are no compromises on performance, reliability or energy efficiency.

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Minimal installation costs:

Each compressor in the DN C series is delivered ready for connection to the compressed air system. The system can be configured for a large number of applications, including self-monitoring applications.
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Save money on reduced maintenance costs

Thanks to the new design with front access, maintenance is simpler and faster.
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Boosters: DN C series high performance reciprocating compressors – Brochure (PDF, 2.79 MB)