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High quality compressed air for industrial applications

The KCTD and KCT Series dry-compression reciprocating compressors are designed for demanding industrial applications. Kaeser offers a wide range of products to companies with high standards of compressed air quality; we rely on this extensive range to create custom compressed air stations that are the right solution for the individual requirements of our customers.

We offer three construction versions:

  • Compact individual units consisting of a compressor and an air receiver (vertical or horizontal orientation);
  • For safety and reliability: Dual units comprising two compressors and one air receiver;
  • For integration into individual or existing systems: Base-mounted integrated units.

All versions are equipped with an energy efficient direct drive and offer the following performance parameters:

  • Pressure: 7/10 bar;
  • Air flow: 59 - 920 l / min.

Throughout our manufacturing process, we focus on providing products that offer exceptional reliability, low maintenance requirements, long service life and flexibility of use - which makes the products cost-effective and customers satisfied.

kaeser Compressors

Simple and efficient maintenance

Our dry compression compressors have minimal maintenance requirements. No oil changes are required, and the direct drive itself is completely maintenance-free.

kaeser Compressors

Long service life due to low speeds

Due to operation at only 1500 rpm, our compressors ensure low energy consumption and a long service life.
kaeser Compressors

Delivers maximum performance from the first operation

You have maximum performance from the first hour of operation - and this aspect is maintained throughout its service life.
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Reciprocating Compressors Industrial Quality – Brochure (PDF, 1.07 MB)