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Ready for connection, silent operation and remarkably durable

The AIRBOX și AIRBOX CENTER compact units with optional air receiver, dryer and filters are ready for immediate connection and operation.The integrated reciprocating compressor produces oil-free compressed air and is controlled by SIGMA CONTROL BASIC or the electronic controller SIGMA CONTROL 2.

The technical parameters for the AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER units are the following:

  • Pressure: 7/10 / 12.5 bar;
  • Air flow: 0.25 - 0.90 m³ / min;
  • Engine power: 2.2 - 7.5 kW.

The compact AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER oil-free Reciprocating compressors units are perfect for applications that require pure compressed air, such as in laboratories, the pharmaceutical industry, and the beverage and food industries.

Premium quality IE3 engines ensure a remarkable performance and efficiency. They reduce energy losses by an average of 45% compared to conventional engines.

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Permanent availability - even at high temperatures

The innovative cooling system of the compression block and the drive motor allows the AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER compressors to be operated up to an ambient temperature of 30 ° C with a power cycle of 100%.

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No additional sound insulation is required

A 40 mm thick sound insulator, cooling airflow with several bends, an acoustically decoupled compression block, optimized length of the intake air line and efficient sound insulation boxes allow installation adjacent to offices - without the need for additional soundproofing.

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Straightforward maintenance

Maintenance-free 1: 1 direct drive and the absense of oil in AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER compressors reduce the frequency of inspections required. If, however, it is necessary to make a technical analysis, the air filters and intake filters are very easily accessible after the simple removal of the large housing panels.
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Reciprocating Compressors AIRBOX / AIRBOX CENTER OIL.FREE – Brochure (PDF, 1.16 MB)