Funding from MAIB for our partners

Businesses that want to purchase equipment from Damicom Utilaje can benefit from preferential loans from our partner Moldova Agroindbank to help you purchase industrial equipment and machinery.

Moldova Agroindbank provides financing for:

  • Purchase of combines, tractors or other high-performance machinery;
  • Implementation of intelligent technological solutions;
  • Automation of works;
  • Purchase of high quality specialized machinery and equipment.

Financing for the purchase of technology and machinery from partners is granted under special conditions.

Amount:up to 80% of the project value
Attractive interest:from 4.35% in lei
Early repayment:0%
Term:up to 60 months
Grace period:up to 8 months
Pledge:the equipment procured on credit
Novelty:simplified package of documents and fast delivery.

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