Compressed Air System Design

We design your system. compressed air in 4 steps:

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Improper design of the compressed air system can have considerable economic and operational consequences, for example, deficient compressed air in pumps, insufficient pressure, frequent technical defects, or even a decrease in the production capacity of your company.

Compressed Air System Design

Step 1: We Understand What You Need

Each case is unique. Our specialists create a profile of the equipment to assess the need for compressed air.

Step 2: analysis of the degree of use of compressed air - ADA

With the ADA we calculate the compressed air requirement of your installation in different use scenarios.

Step 3: Kaeser energy saving system - KESS

With the proprietary Kaeser energy-saving system KESS we simulate several possible variants of compressed air systems. in the end, it will result in the most effective solution for your needs.

Step 4: the elaboration of the compressed air station

We design and build customized compressed air stations for all types of industries.

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