Reciprocating compressors

Kaeser reciprocating compressors are perfect for on-site use and in small industry workshops. They are the right choice for supplying compressed air at constant pressure at a minimal cost.
Reciprocating compressors
Aveți nevoie de aer comprimat la o presiune mai mare numai în zone specifice? În acest caz folosirea compresoarelor Booster este mai eficientă decât un sistem de înaltă presiune complet reproiectat. Poate fi livrat ca componentă individuală sau integrat cu un sistem complet de aer comprimat: Presiune înaltă livrată constant de până la 45 de bari; Conceput pentru o varietate mare de scenarii de utilizare.


Each Booster reciprocating compressor is equipped with very precise cylinders, each of these being manufactured through a special process, which ensures minimum oil consumption and maximum durability.


The new generation IE3 engines are designed to consume a minimum amount of energy and provide maximum performance.

Minimum maintenance

The innovative combination of high quality components and specific design ensures long-term operation without the need for service.

Reciprocating compressors is filled with a special, high-temperature-resistant fluid that almost completely removes carbon deposits from the valves.
  • i.Comp with pressure of up to 11 bar;
  • Available in PREMIUM or CLASSIC versions;
  • Air suction volume between 130 and 660 l / min; from 10 to 25 bar.


The valve reeds in the corrosion resistant stainless steel valves are fitted with heat dissipating lift limiters to ensure air-tight valve closure and extended service life.


Each reciprocating compressor is filled with a special, high-temperature-resistant fluid that almost completely removes carbon deposits from the valves.

Precision machining

Using the latest production technologies and with over 80 years of experience in precision machining, KAESER's expertise and research guarantee products to the highest quality standards.

De la umflarea pneurilor în atelier până la transportul de materiale în vrac în industrie – compresoarele staționare cu piston prezintă utilizări multiple. Vă sfătuim cu plăcere ce soluție este corectă pentru aplicația dumneavoastră. Gândite pentru funcționare optimă în condiții variabile de utilizare; Comprimă în condiții de ungere cu ulei sau uscate (OIL.FREE); Volume de aer aspirate între 59 și 1400 l/min; 7, 10, 15 sau 35 de bari.


Compresoarele cu piston staționare au supape de tip lamelar din oțel inoxidabil și sunt prevăzute cu limitatoare de cursă care previn depunerile de carbon, asigurând etanșeitatea supapelor și o durată extinsă de viață.


The temperature of the oil and compressed air is kept to a minimum thanks to a generous fan and cooling slats. This cooling system significantly prolongs the life of the reciprocating compressor and its associated instrument.


Being made of the best materials and subjected to rigorous inspection, the compression blocks are meticulously processed and carefully assembled. The transmission losses are actually eliminated, the durable electric motor being connected directly to the compression block.

AIRBOX and AIRBOX CENTER compact equipment with pressurized air container, dryer and filter as optional equipment can be connected later and immediately. The integrated reciprocating compressor integrat produce aer comprimat fără ulei. Acesta este comandat de la controlerul electronic SIGMA CONTROL BASIC sau SIGMA CONTROL 2. Ușor de conectat și silențioase; Compresoare cu piston pentru laboratoare, industria farmaceutică, industria băuturilor și industria alimentară; Debit cuprins între 0,25 și 0,90 m³/min; 7, 10 sau 12,5 bari.


Ready to operate, fully automated, super quiet and vibration-free.


Systems are lined with washable foam and double vibration damping systems.


They have an electronic system that controls the working speed, the motor overload protection and are being EMC certificated for the use as a power source for home electrical systems.

Authorized service 24/7 throughout Rep. Moldova

Maintenance and repair work is carried out exclusively by qualified specialists. We only use original Kaeser parts.

All engineers and technicians are trained in Kaeser's factories in Germany to ensure professionalism and competence at the highest level.


The optimum operating capacity of a reciprocating compressor is between 60 and 70%. For high-oscillating operation with peak load, they are the best option, especially for craft enterprises, workshops and small industry.

In the form of Booster compressors, reciprocating compressors can targetedly compress an existing network pressure up to 45 bar.