PREMIUM series workshop compressors

Small, powerful, uncompromising compressors

Kaeser PREMIUM small scale production compressors are designed for daily use for a long time - both in the workshop and on site. For each application, Kaeser has designed a dedicated model.

They have the following performance parameters:

  • Pressure: 10/20/25 de bar;
  • Displacement: 130 – 660 l/min.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Rhe robust model for continuous use on site: PREMIUM CAR;
  • The compact model for the sectors associated with the construction industry: PREMIUM COMPACT;
  • The flexible model for the workshop: PREMIUM COMPACT

Our goal is to build reliable compressed air delivery equipment that works with minimal energy consumption over a long period of time. We always create new innovations, we use quality materials, we pay attention to details, and this is just the beginning.