Industrial Blowers

KAESER Compressed Air Blowers:: high-pressure compressed air or vacuum, oil-free versions, as COMPACT blowers, large aggregates or mobile variants.
Kaeser Air Blowers in Moldova

The COMPACT lobe blowers up to 200 kW are available as an option or as part of a complete solution with an integrated electrical system. They are designed for energy efficiency and reliability in operation - with flow rates up to 93 m³/min.

  • Operational in the shortest time (Plug-and-Play);
  • Easy access to all components for efficient maintenance;
  • Able to operate outdoors;

Gândit pentru productivitate și eficiență – cu debit de până la 160 m³/min.

  • Modern design facilitates efficient maintenance of components;
  • They are equipped with motors of average power up to 6600 V;

For installation as part of OEM system solutions.

  • Integration in different use scenarios - for the consolidation of water vapor in vacuum distillation, for nitrogen transport, or in the generation of advanced vacuum;
  • Capable for mobile use - in suction vehicles, type silos, and concrete mixers;
  • Suction capacity from 5 to 160 m³ / min up to 1 bar overpressure or 0.5 resp. 0.9 bar under pressure;

Designed for efficiency and reliability - screw blowers are quiet and immediately operational.

  • Equipped with SIGMA profile for maximum efficiency;
  • Efficient damping of pulses and quiet operation;
  • Blowers ready for connection, equipped with the latest control technology for compressors;

Kaeser Turbo Blower are used to aerate liquids - wastewater treatment, flotation, fermentation, and blowing air.

  • Generate power between 150 și 300 kW;
  • Equipped with magnetic bearings for high-speed motor, without wear and dustproof;
  • Unlimited start frequency;

Ideal for cooling air in installations or for heat recovery.

  • Air or water cooling - depending on the location and the required cooling power;
  • Allows the transport of heat-sensitive materials in bulk;
  • Use of heat released for other purposes;

Authorized service 24/7 throughout Rep. Moldova

Maintenance and repair work is carried out exclusively by qualified specialists. We only use original Kaeser parts.

All engineers and technicians are trained in Kaeser's factories in Germany to ensure professionalism and competence at the highest level.

Powerful and Silent Compressed Air Blowers

Kaeser Blowers that do not require special maintenance. They are quiet and efficient in operation, with the ability to generate compressed air for a wide range of applications:

  • Pneumatic transport of bulk materials;
  • Water management - for example, for aeration of the sedimentation tank and washing of the filter;
  • Blowers for generating compressed air and cooling it for industrial purposes;
  • Mobile applications - for example, for concrete mixers, silo, and suction vehicles, etc .;

We provide three types of blower design concepts for different applications:

  • Lobe blowers with efficient omega rotors, and with 3 lobes, to minimize impulses;
  • Energy-efficient SIGMA profile screw blowers - specially designed by KAESER to deliver optimum pressure throughout operation;
  • Turboblowers with permanent high-speed magnetic motors with magnetic bearings.