Compressed Air Treatment

Water, oil, dust: Kaeser offers a complete product portfolio for combating the enemies of your compressed air application – one which makes no compromises when it comes to dry and pure air – from straightforward construction site use to highly complex electronics production.
Compressed Air Treatment
Adsorbanți Kaeser cu cărbune activ din seria ACT îndepărtează vaporii de ulei şi mirosurile din aerul comprimat. Compatibile cu standardul de uscare a aerului comprimat şi filtrare preliminară clasa 1 conform ISO 8573-1.
Purification of compressed air by removing impurities.
  • Remove KAESER FILTER aerosols, dust, and oil vapors with threaded connections and flange connection filters - for overpressures up to 16 bar;
  • High-pressure filters for Booster compressors - suitable for pressures up to 45 bar;
  • Filtre de aer pentru compresoare potrivite pentru înlăturarea vaporilor de ulei și a mirosurilor. prin folosirea acestor filtre se reduce conținutului de ulei rezidual according to class 1 ISO 8573-1 (0 – 0,01 mg/m³) – for pressures up to 16 and 48 bar;
Removes condensate separately in cyclones, compressed air tanks, refrigerated dryers, and filters in the compressed air network. ECO-DRAIN electronic condensate drain – utilizat pentru evitarea pierderilor de aer comprimat; Buton de testare și auto-supraveghere cu sistem de alarmă (în dependență de model) – interconectare cu controler de nivel superior; ECO-DRAIN 3x series factory verified - for efficient maintenance and with minimal costs;
Kaeser Cyclonic Separators remove condensate from the compressed air system. High degree of separation with low pressure loss.
  • Energy-efficient and faultless operation of the dryers and compressed air filters;
  • Matching nominal sizes for compatibility with Kaeser compressors;
  • Easy and efficient maintenance.
Centrifugal separator Kaeser
The condensate is transformed into wastewater and is diverted, directly at the place of formation, to the sewage system
  • AQUAMAT water-oil separator from the CF series, optimal for efficient condensation treatment of the dispersion type - without energy costs, much cheaper than outsourced neutralization;
  • Functioning verified by the authorities (DIBt - type approval) - for compliance with legal requirements;
  • Protects the environment.

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