kaeser Tch

Dryers with high pressure refrigeration up to 106.1 m³ / min

Seria THP: Extrem de fiabil până la 50 bar. The Kaeser THP (*) series refrigeration dryers offer maximum reliability at high working pressures – cum ar fi în cazul producției de containere PET.

Componentele de înaltă calitate și attention to details ensure that your units will enjoy premium long-term moisture protection - even at high ambient temperatures..

Key features:

  • Dry compressed air, reliable from 8.5 to 106.1 m³ / min;
  • For operating pressures up to 50 bar;
  • For ambient temperatures up to +43 ° C.

Our advice: Treat the condensate before draining it into the sewer system with the AQUAMAT water-oil separator in accordance with the law and at no significant costs.