Oil-lubricated workshop compressors

Oil-lubricated reciprocating compressors of the EUROCOMP Series of the EUROCOMP Series are designed for intensive operation in the workshop. This type of compressor comes with flexible options for installing pressurized air receivers, to make the installation process as simple and timely as possible.

You can choose between the following versions:

  • With pressurized air receiver in horizontal position: the most common option for larger spaces;
  • With pressurized air receiver in vertical position: the version that requires the least amount of space;
  • The equipment can be added to or integrated with existing compressed air systems.

Compression blocks have the following performance parameters:

  • Pressure: 10/15 bari;
  • Air flow: 112 – 1050 l/min.

Guaranteed tightness of valves

The stationary workshop compressors are equipped with stroke-limited valves with stainless steel reeds. Its role is to improve heat dissipation and avoid soot deposition. This ensures that the tightness and reliability of the valves increase significantly.


Extends the service life of the tools

Our stationary workshop compressors have a highly efficient cooling system that keeps the temperature of the compressed air and oil to a minimum. This ensures a longer service life for both the compressor and the connected air tools or equipment.


Ideal for small spaces

The vertical version of the air compressor requires an area of only 0,85 m²!