Maximum versatility for flow rates up to 11.5 m³ / min

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Uncompromising quality and performance

Perhaps you need a compressor for strictly defined purposes, or maybe you need equipment that performs several tasks at once. Choose the configuration of the multifunctional mobile compressors that you need.

Each of the configuration options turns the compressor into an expert to solve your specific problem..

Our approach guarantees high long-term yields: durable components, easy operation, efficiency and performance: all these characterize with great fidelity the machines delivered by Kaeser.

  • Maximum pressures up to 14 bar;
  • Optional compressed air treatment;
  • Synchronous generators are optionally available (M52, M82, M100 and M115 series);
  • Numerous stationary and chassis options;
  • A special feature of the M57Utility and the environment-friendly M58Utility is that they were designed as stationary portable compressors exclusively for construction.
kaeser Compressors

Delivers compressed air and electricity at the same time

Due to the generator function, separate installations are no longer required to operate your pneumatic and power tools, or lighting installations.

kaeser Compressors

Low maintenance costs

Thanks to the wide-opening doors, all components are easily accessible.
kaeser Compressors

Environmentally friendly

"Low Emission Zone MOBILAIR": means minimum emissions of pollutants in accordance with the strict European standard on level IIIB emissions (models M81, M82 and M115).


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