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Compressor intelligence

The SIGMA CONTROL 2 unit coordinates the generation and consumption of compressed air.With the help of intelligent control, this advanced system prevents the inefficient use of energy, especially in partial load operation.

Kaeser offers various compressor controllers suitable according to your requirements.

SIGMA CONTROL 2: for all rotary screw compressors, rotary lobe and rotary screw blowers.

SIGMA CONTROL 2 meets the highest standards for an internal controller of industrial compressors and is based on advanced industrial computing technology. The control unit is connected to interchangeable input and output modules, allowing flexible installation to all Kaeser rotary screw compressors, screw blowers, reciprocating compressors and rotary blower systems, as well as external communication systems.

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Error detection assistance

The industrial computer saves the last 200 operational events, helping you and departamentul de service al Kaeser Kaeser's assistance department to quickly find and resolve problems. In addition, the embedded web server allows you to view operational, maintenance, and error messages on any PC.

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Quick update to new software versions

Software updates and operating parameters can be quickly uploaded and transferred via an SD memory card. This minimizes service costs and allows the use of the SD card for storing (long-term) key operational data.
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Ready for international use

SIGMA CONTROL 2 supports 30 languages. The straightforward menu structure facilitates operation.


Internal Compressor Control SIGMA CONTROL 2 – Brochure (PDF, 4.75 MB)