Compact compressors up to 5.0 m³ / min

High power compressors, resistant to cold and other harsh conditions

Our portable construction compressors can be manoeuvred in traffic and on site and ensure reliable performance even at low temperatures, thanks to our patented anti-freeze control.

  • Maximum pressures from 7 to 14 bar (models M20 - M50);
  • Available with or without an overrun brake;
  • Optional compressed air treatment (M27 / M31 / M36 / M45 / M50);
  • Optional generator function (M27 / M31 / M36 / M45);
  • Available with tool lubricator, hose reel and other accessories.
kaeser Compressors

Reliable and adaptable even in cold weather

The optional tool lubricator and the patented anti-frost control extend the life and availability of the compressor and tools.
kaeser Compressors

Transport without any additional trailer permit

Most of our compact models weigh less than 750 kg, which allows towing with lighter vehicles.
kaeser Compressors

Durability and silent operation

Model PE enclosures provide optimal impact resistance and noise protection.


Portable compressors – M20 series (PDF, 8.21 MB)
Portable compressors – M43 / M50 series (PDF, 4.04 MB)
Portable compressors – M27 / M31 series (PDF, 1.74 MB)
MOBILAIR product range – Brochures (PDF, 1.87 MB)
Portable compressors – M27E / M31E / M50E series (PDF, 5.45 MB)